Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Proppant market exceeded 100 billion pounds in 2015, report finds

CYPRESS, Texas -- #PropTester, Inc. and KELRIK LLC have announced the release of the 2015 #Proppant Market Report. The report provides a detailed overview of the global proppant market in relation to prior years.

Producers of frac sand, ceramic proppants and resin-coated proppants indicate that approximately 110 billion pounds (55 million tons) were supplied in 2015. Despite significantly reduced rig count activity and depressed energy prices, 2015 is the second-largest year in terms of total proppant volumes supplied.
#NorthAmerica continued to drive demand. Over 60 #sand, #ceramic and resin coat companies were actively engaged in proppant production in North America alone, with the five largest producers accounting for over 50% of total demand.

Whereas all proppant types experienced constriction compared to the 135 billion pounds supplied in 2014, frac sand was the least impacted. High proppant intensity completions and product substitution toward lower cost natural proppants benefitted sand producers.
Frac sand accounted for over 92% of the 2015 market, whereas ceramic proppant and resin-coated proppant volumes both declined significantly to levels not seen since 2010. All proppant types have and continue to feel the impact of excess capacity and pricing weakness. Additional details regarding idled and postponed capacity has been added to the report.



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